Linda began her fusing obsession when she enrolled in in a Tools and Glass Fusing workshop at Sarasota School of Glass on January 21, 2012.

Linda says she is a "vagabond..wanderer..Sarasota is now my home though I travel between the N.W. suburbs of Chicago on my way to summers at high altitudes in Breckenridge, Co." She lives in SRQ from November thru May and is lucky enough to have two kilns so that she can work in glass 10 months out of the year.

Filling her passion for glass, creating continuously, her goal is to take whatever money earned through selling and donating it to a variety of charities. With that in mind she jumps at the chance to donate pieces for charity auctions or prizes.

Linda also has a website where she shows her work, The web gives her a chance to show her work for free, adding photos and info at her leisure. She works in dishes, plates, decorative wall art, etc. and is still looking for her niche. She has dabbled in liquor bottles, firing, slumping and painting them. Always looking for new ways to play, Linda is working on a golf package, golf being her other passion, with several of her creative friends including several hand made items to go with her fused golf theme glass.

As if this wasn't enough to keep her busy, she enjoys meeting like-minded people. "Every life experience is a lession waiting to be learned." She golfs twice a week, volunteers with ITNSarasota driving seniors who no longer drive, organizes social events for her local homeowners association, is president of the homeowners association in Colorado, and organizes retiree reunions for faculty/staff from her high school teaching days. She loves to listen to audio books as she wanders across the US and promotes Ladies Links Fore Golf, the online arm of the LPGA.

If her life isn't busy enough, the most important 'activity' is fitting quality time into her busy life with family and friends and traveling overseas when the urge exists.

When I asked her if there were any awards or recognition in glass , she said "Not officially just a
lot of ooohs and aaaahs. I am having a fantastic time learning the challenges inherent with glass and making the "disasters" into something special".

Not only is her glass 'special', Linda is a very 'special' lady.