Glass Jewelry Dichroic earrings-pendants-wire wrap-beaded & painted

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Base Class - First Session


Various Dichroic Jewelry shown above
with decals and etching


The Dichroic glass pendant and earring class is designed for the beginning jewelry student. In this class you will make 3 pieces of jewelry; 2 pendants / 1 pair of earrings OR 3 pendants. All materials will be supplied including dichroic glass

Students will learn the nature of dichroic glass, what it is, how it fires, temperatures, layering, interaction of color and light through glass,finishing and terminology of glass. Pendants will be fired using full fuse temperatures, bails glued on and names etched on the back. Earrings will have bails and wires or posts (student choice).

Student has the choice of etching or working with decals to enhance their jewelry.

SECOND SESSION - After attending the basic Jewelry Class, students will have the option of attending a second session to further enhance their project. Listed below are the different types of classes for enhancement.




$55.00 second session add on

"It's A Wrap" ............
will rock your jewelry world with the many selections of glass to choose from. 

Part two, the second day, meet to enhance the pieces created on day one.

Students return to the studio to learn how to enhance jewelry project by adding wire wrapping to pendants choosing between silver plate, brass or artistic wire in multiple colors. Different methods will be taught depending on the shape of the glass.




$55.00 second session add on

If you choose this as your second session, the Bead Embellished Jewelry Class is a winner for all those students that want to take their jewelry making 'one step further'. 

In this class each student will start with jewelry they made in Session 1, embellishing with an assortment of beads provided to enhance your piece. Students will choose from a variety of stones and crystals to enhance fused jewelry.  Then learn the basics beading by connecting beads to make necklaces, pendants or earrings. 


$55.00 - One session

Students will learn to use CFE enamel glass paints creating their own designs adding bubble paint to create texture. Those who are experienced glassers can also cut their own shapes for unique pieces in this 2 hour class