A Frame to Remember
Day 1, 3 hours; Day 2, 1 hour grout
8 X 10 - $98.00


Give your photos or mirrors some competition by creating a unique picture frame in stained glass mosaic.

Learn how to cut and arrange small pieces of beautifully colored glass in a design of your own creation – or choose a pre-existing template to get started in this 4-hour 2-day class. Beginners welcome! All materials and tools provided. Makes a great gift!

A Picture From a Thousand Pieces
 Day 1, 6 hours; Day 2, 2 hours grout
11 x 14 - $155.00


A mosaic is a picture made from dozens of small pieces of colored glass – like a stained glass piece, but without the precise cutting. It can be abstract or realistic, a landscape or a pet portrait, or maybe your favorite flower. Or maybe something you saw on Pinterest! The important thing is to have fun doing it.

In this class you will make an 11 x 14 mosaic panel ready for framing. You’ll learn how to cut stained glass safely, the best glues, and about interior versus exterior mosaics. All materials and tools provided. Create a finished mosaic in a weekend!