Painting On Glass


$125 (2-DAY CLASS)

Students will explore the many ways of using fusible glass paints including the technique of Silk Screening your glass.

By testing different types of paint with a variety of brushes, the student will discover how the paints react with the glass. After testing the paint you will build a glass painted project combining up to three layers of glass using the painting techniques you have learned previously. This is a two day class, 3 hours first day, 2 hours second day, with all supplies included.


$150 (2-DAY CLASS)

On the first day the student will pick the glass of their choice, opaque white or transparent clear, determine which large flower shape they would like to make, learn to cut and layout their flower for design and firing in the kiln. We will then discuss the difference in paints, how to mix to the proper consistency then applying the paint to their projects. The Water Lily pictured was painted on clear class with opaque paint for the pad and transparent paint on the petals.

When returning to the class on day 2 students will learn how to assemble the glass using a simple wire wrapping technique, securing the flower in place. 3-4 hours each day