Make Sq & Rd Bowls, Large Party Platter, Lg. Platters

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$49.00 W/GROUPON

Create a round wavy bowl or square bowl that is perfect used for fruite, pasta, etc.

These bowls are
 beautiful enough to display in your home or use as a functional art glass bowl. Using recycled glass, frit, powders, confetti, stringers, and noodles, design your glass in your own style. This class is appropriate for beginners or glass artists with some experience.


Start with a round, clear or white glass disc and cap with color glass. Using design elements such as glass powders, frit, stringers, noodles and confetti design your platter to reflect your occasion. This class is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced fusers. Instruction, glass for platter and pedestal, design elements, and fusing included.



This class will emphasize design by teaching you how to arrange the composition with many types of glass elements while stimulating your creativity. Spark your imagination by placing these components on the base glass creating a design reflecting your personality and style.

Includes hands on and lecture in the techniques of fusing and slumping glass with stenciling, plus using various glass design elements and techniques.You will learn how to decorate and layer the glass to form you platter. Included in class are maaterials, instruciton and firing This is a beginner's class with no experience necessary.