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Thanks for coming to SSG. Please share your experience with everyone. We hope you agree it's a "5 Star" glass school.



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Pat Betteridge often recommends Sarasota School of Glass: First time and I loved it! Definitely want to try it again. Our instructor was so friendly, helpful and informative.

My friend Cathy and I attended a fused combo class instructed by SUSAN BRIDENBECKER; she is an outstanding teacher and such a joy to spend class time with. Since there were only 3 of us in this Monday morning class we were able to enjoy Susan's talents and instructions even more. We just love coming to SSG and creating our glass projects!
Brenda Morse

Dear Sue, I want to thankyou for allowing us to visit your school on Monday. Your tour was informative and delightful, the students enjoyed every moment and so did I. My assistant and I will be back. We want to make vases.
Sincerely, Elaine Cyr

Hi Sue! Love your new website - really easy to navigate around - I love all the photos you always take! 
Sue Benner

My neighbors and I planned a trip to Sarasota and attended the Vase class and had a wonderful time. The instructor was wonderful, explaining all the facets of working on our individual glass vases, and took the time to help and explain to all on an individual basis. We can not tell you how much fun we had designing our own pieces with all the items at our disposal to work with. We can't wait to see our pieces and look forward to attending another class in the future.
Carol Veneziano

My sisters and I went last weekend and we had an awesome time. We look forward to going again. Enjoyed the instructos and we can't wait to see our work.
Vicki Fichter

Hi Sue, Thank you so much for getting back to my inuiry. You're by far the only groupon deal that responds to their customer's email.

Hi Sue, just to say thanks for a great day yesterday in our one on one private class. I really enjoyed it and had such fun learning new techniques. Please say thanks to everyone for being wo welcoming and friendly.

Thank you for teaching me so much and making the studio a second home.

Amazing structors

This was not only a fun experience for my daughter and me to share, but we both loved how beautiful our vases turned out.
Sonia Leggitt

My friend and I had a great time. We're hoping our pieces turn out as nice as we hope (after they are fired).
John Newman

Great fun. 
Joan Blum

Great experience! Very fun.
Tamara Schow

The class was so much fun! Can't wait to see the finished product inn a few weeks. We plan to go back for other classes in the very near future!
Holly Elliott

Dear Sue & Staff, I have just returned from picking up my Sedar Plate and Menorah. I must express my sincere thanks for fixing my menorah. It is obvious to me that you all felt the emotional connection I have with this piece of art. You tookon a real challenge and made it work! The Sedar Plate was sent to a very special Rabbi and his family. They to, are very special to me. Bottom line: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did
Fondly, Sue

Enjoyed. Can't wait to see the final results. Planning on another project
Ruth Towler

The class was great and the staff at the school was very knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely return
Diane Randall

Wonderful classes to enjoy with friends and family. Terrific projects. Super nice staff! Can't wait to return again on our next vacation
Sue Bennere

What a fun night. Thanks Diane for a great class. Can't wait to see the finished product.

We enjoyed our slumping class! Well taught in easy to understand terms...If did not live 2000 miles away we would become regulars! See ya next year@
David Biderman

I thank you guys so much for all your help. I will probably be calling on you again int he near future, as I want to do more pieces that large size. That Sure Stik is the MOST WONDERFUL stuff! I am so pleased with it. It has helped me re-work pieces that I thought were trash. I really appreciate you developing and selling that!
Helen French

Enjoyed. Can't wait to see the final results. Planning on another project.
Ruth Towler

I'm a member of the Classroom on Wheels program. The program was so interesting. In fact, I'm coming back to one of your classes in a week or so! Thank you both so much for your presentation
Best Wishes, Priscilla

The Sarasota School of Glass is so creative and innovative. I put together a group to take a lesson and will see you next month.

Hi Sue. We 4 Canadians just want to thank you for a great experience this afternoon. Diane was a terrific teacher and we were all so impressed with her easy, professional and fun method for helping us all create our vases. Can't wait to see them and we'll look forward to picking them up. Warm regards and please thank Diane for us
Ginny, Susan, Maureen, Alex

Dear Sue & Irv, I write to tell you how much I enjoyed and was impressed by the beautiful glass art you and your students did. They were a joy to see! Thank you for giving your valuable time to show and teach each of us - from the Classroom on Wheels.
Edith Fletcher

Thank you so much for taking the time to show us around your facility. I had never heard of fusing or slumping. Who knew you could make such beautiful pieces.. Thanks again
Peggy Long, Classroom on Wheells

It was a pleasure to be part of the Classroom on Wheel's group which visited your school and to learn about what you are doing in teaching people to work with glass.
Barbara Zeller

On October 15th I visited your school with Classroom on Wheels and enjoyed the information that was presented. I want to thank you for inviting me.

Hello Sue & Irv and all your helpful staff, Thank you so much for the tour of your company. I had no idea so much could be done with glass by everyday people like me! I hope to take a class or classes following the holiday busy season. Happy Holidays
Prudie Varro

What a fun class we had at your studio! Very imprressive work and business model. Thank you for the time you took out of your busy day to share your enthusiasm for this skill with us

Dear Sue & Irv, Thank you for allowing us to visit your studio and doing such a great job of introducing us to the Glass experience. I really enjoyed it.
Joan Gedvilas