MARCH 11, 12, 13, 2017

3 DAY CLASS $595.00

50% deposit reqiured upon registration.
Balance due by March 1
50% cancellation refund after February 1

Kiln Glass Sgraffito Drawing
This workshop is very 'hands on' and geared for the 

as well as the

No drawing experience is necessary.

(Kelly's Website) 

Kelly will teach you how to draw beautiful
imagery with powdered glass!

In this extraordinary workshop you will learn to use glass powders to draw two dimensional imagery in glass. This is a ‘crossover’ course, joining elements of fine art and fine craft together. We will explore traditional ideas of drawing by incorporating a very nontraditional approach; using glass to interpret line, value, contrast, texture, color, movement, gesture, and composition.

In addition to learning simple ‘tricks of the trade’ and improvised technical drawing skills, you’ll have the freedom and individual encouragement to experiment with ways to use glass to create drawn imagery that tells a story, evokes emotion, and expresses mood.

Previous drawing experience is not necessary, but an open mind and some fusing experience is helpful. By the time you leave you will have gained a new awareness of the visual language that is possible with kiln formed glass, as well as confidence in your ability to “see” as an artist.

Additional topics to be covered: Kiln formed cane and murrini, collage part sheets for sgraffito drawing, tool making, incorporating color, reactive glass, volume control, firing schedules, and finishing.


I began working with kiln glass in 1995. Most of what I know about glass is the result of "learning the hard way". My education is a compilation of endless questions and experiments, piles upon piles of mistakes, some lucky A-Ha moments and a LOT of reading.

Glass has gripped me from day one. In its many forms, glass is the one medium that has allowed me to freely create using  combinations of art techniques I love from other media. Collage, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, painting, photography, and design... all come together with glass and heat as common ground.

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