Beginning Copper Foil Class
Full Day
Create a 12x12 panel using the Tiffany technique of stained glass in this full day class. You will learn how to  cut glass, foil your pieces and solder to create your own stained glass panel. All materials included.

No experience necessary.

Clear Plate Panel
1/2 Day
Take one of Grandma's plates out of the closet and create a 12x12 new family heirloom in this 1/2 day class. Basic stained glass skills necessary. All materials included.

Soldering Improvement Class
2 Hours
Unhappy with your soldering? Take this 2 hour class and your soldering skills will definitely improve. Must have a cut, foiled panel ready to work on and soldering supplies you use for your projects.

Advanced Jewelry
Box Class - 5 x 7
1/2 day
Take your stained glass skills to a new level and create a stained glass jewelry box for your treasures. This is a 1/2 day class and you must have  good basic stained glass skills. All materials included.
Teacher - Donna Vozza

For more information or to register call 941 925 GLAS (4527)