4oz. Bottle SureStik™ 
  • Put adhesive on your glass.
  • Lay down your frit.
  • Spray adhesive on top layer of frit to hold in place.

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4oz. Bottle SureStik™ 
with 2 applicators - $9.95

16oz. Bottle SureStik™ 
with 2 applicators - $19.95


SureStik - Our new glass adhesive is available now in a liquid, water soluble 4oz. bottle and a 16oz bottle, and now in a 4oz. spray bottle, all including our special duo applicator tip (except spray bottle). Since we have been using SureStik™ in our studio, many of my students have purchased the adhesive for their 'up north' studios.

The most exciting thing about it, besides that it is the best adhesive for fusing, is our new applicator bottle. It has a regular tip for general sticking

plus a very pointy tip with a small opening for precision application.

Remember you don't have to lift any glass to apply; just place a drop on the edge of the glass so the liquid seeps under, coming in contact with the base glass.
When it dries, it sticks. There is also about a 15 minute lead time before the glass sets to adjust the design before firing in the kiln.

SureStik liquid adhesive is made to be applied to your glass WITHOUT lifting glass pieces in your design.

When you have completed your entire project, tilt the applicator bottle with a slight squeeze so that a drop of the glass adhesive comes in contact with the edge of the design element that you are sticking to your base glass. The liquid will run under the design piece adhering the two pieces together. (For this precise application the pink 'needle' tip is suggested). Allow about 15 minutes for the liquid to set, approximately 1/2 hour to dry. The slower setting time allows the artist to adjust their design if necessary.

SureStik can be used with all grades of frit and all design elements used in fusing. When adhering stringers, place one drop of  liquid onto each end to ensure they don't roll when firing. (For this precise application the pink 'needle' tip is suggested).

SureStik can be mixed with powder or fine frit to make a paste for designing. It can also be mixed with larger frit for easier placement of the pieces ensuring they will not move. (For this precise application the larger opening in threaded cap is suggested).

A convenient way to mix the liquid with the frit: Pour a 'puddle' of liquid in the cap of the frit jar, add the frit and mix. The frit will be covered in liquid easily sticking to your glass. If there is any mixture left over you can let it dry in the cap to use next time. Just add some more adhesive and you're ready to go.

SureStik will completely burn off in the kiln leaving a clean surface to your glass. After applying, it allows the artist to move the design for about 15 minutes before starting to set. SureStik is water soluble - change your mind? wash your design with water and start again or drop some more liquid to move your design around.


Each container comes with a closed cap, a threaded cap with opening and a pink threaded 'needle' spout.
Replace the closed cap with the threaded cap with opening for applying adhesive for general application.


Thread the pink 'needle' spout to the threaded cap with a one turn twist for precise application.

Adhesive can be stored with any cap