Specialty: Stacked Christmas Tree

Butch (Dwight) Martin came to Sarasota from Indiana in 1999.  With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he’s always had a passion for home improvement and attention to detail. His interest in glass began in the 80s when he worked in stained glass.  After discovering Sarasota School of Glass a few years ago and taking classes, he began experimenting with Fused Glass and developed the “stacked” Christmas tree design. Butch is also the 'main man' when it comes to fusing & slumping your projects; he fires the kilns at SSG.
Specialty: Fusing & Slumping
Jewelry / Wire Wrapping
Painting on Glass

Diane has been fusing glass for the past 8 years. "The simple beauty of fused glass never ceases to amaze me. I cannot wait to wake up every day and create something new and unique out of glass. I love teaching and watching the light bulb illuminate in each student. I continue to grow and learn from students with each class".
Specialty: Stained Glass

Donna started stained glass in 1976, in NY. In 1995 Donna and her family moved to Sarasota with Glass Crafters from Long Island. Recently retiring from the retail end of the business, she continues creating in her own studio and teaches at SSG. Donna has done custom commissions - including the windows for Trinity Baptist Church in Sun City Center and the windows in Saints Martha's Catholic School in Sarasota.
Specialty: Fusing & Slumping

Gail Daines moved to South West Florida 15 years ago from New York. She trained professionally as a chef and owned a catering business for several years before deciding her real love was art. 

She owned a custom picture framing business in Corning, New York, working closely with Corning Incorporated, Corning Museum of Glass and the Rockwell Museum of Art before moving to Florida. 

She has always been an entrepreneur. Gail has been teaching at Sarasota School of Glass since 2015 and works out of her own glass studio.

Specialty: Lampwork

Kelly Six is an artist who has been making, building, or concocting something ever since she first discovered that old nails, pallet wood and a will to climb could provide a firsthand glance at Nature’s Stained Glass - the interplay between the light, the leaves, and the breeze.  It is no wonder that she now works with glass. Nothing captures the dance of light and color like glass art.

“Glass is an obsession with me. I want to understand it, create with it, control it. In my search for knowledge about this fascinating medium, I am an admitted “glass groupie” on a quest for information and learning wherever I can find it.
Specialty: Fusing & Slumping

As an artist and biologist, nature and wildlife are the inspirations of some of Liana's work.  She found that she could express her love of nature in an art form - kiln formed and flame worked glass.  Liana's natural curiosity leads her to constantly experiment to see what would happen if . . . .
She founded the Suncoast Glass Guild in 2000 and opened her own studio, Firebug Designs."I feel fortunate that I found a way to combine my two passions,  nature and glass, into an art form that I can share with others".
Specialty:Fusing & Slumping
Fish Mobiles

Susan is a retired school business administrator who loves working with her hands.  She has many hobbies such as sewing, wood working, pottery and jewelry making; but her favorite is stained glass which she has been doing for 15+ years. Once she found the Sarasota School of Glass, there was no looking back and she has combined her love of glass with the joy of teaching others about fused glass.
Specialty: Master Classes
The Buck Stops Here

Founder and owner of SSG, Sue has been working in glass about 30 years. Beginning in Stained Glass, then moving on to Fused & Slumped glass, and teaching throughout the years, she established Sarasota School of Glass in 2000. Sue has shown her work in galleries across the country (Including Hodgell Gallery, Art Uptown and Art Center Sarasota all located in Sarasota), exhibited in art shows, written a book and wrote several articles in many glass publications in addition to winning the New Glass Review from Corning Museum. Her motto "If you love your job you never have to work a day in your life".
Specialty: Fusing & Slumping

Originally from the Chicago area, Susan moved to Florida in 2005 and now spends most of the year here.  She was Vice President for an IT consulting firm where she traveled all over the world before retiring in 2016. She started her interest in art by growing up in a family of all artists and as an adult by taking many classes over the year at the Sarasota Studio of Glass.  She started working at SSG in 2016 and loves teaching our various classes and trying new techniques.  She also has a passion for reading especially mystery and historical fiction and cooking and baking.

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