TiDi/Watercolor Glass Plates

Take your Cold Combing techniques one step further designing a Ti Di plate with the option to "water color" your creation.

Ever wonder how the ‘masters’ get those beautiful designs on the surface of their glass art? Working in an open kiln at about 1600 degrees, that’s how. The glass is actually combed or racked in very intense heat. 

Learn how to get the same effect on the surface of your art glass with a frit mixture by safely cold combing your design before it is put in the kiln.

Design a fabulous plate using this technique with added design elements such as 'confetti' , 'stringers' , 'noodles' , and of course pieces, bits, morsels, particles and snippets of glass.

As always, everything included in this project. No experience necessary, no cutting required. Workshop open to adults and kids - GREAT FAMILY FUN. 2 hours - $80  To register for this class call Sue at 941 780 2365