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$75.00 including stand

Not an Artist?  Can't draw a straight line?
Love Art and wish you can create?


Register now for SSG's Pot Melt Class.

Students will learn how to make and set up a pot melt for firing. We will have a discussion regarding mixing and adding colors for the best results. Students will choose colors, cut, measure and prepare the glass for the kiln. You will then plant your glass seeds for a beautiful finished piece of art. Choose from free flowing or dammed designs

Your choice of either "freeflow" design, square or circular finished shape.

Your choice of square or round metal stand or lucite stand depending on finished shape of art glass.




$70.00 - $120.00

Create a fabulous, free form abstract fused glass coral bowl to display in your home as a functional or decorative art piece. Choose either regular or iridescent fused glass. Three bowl sizes available.

Using strips of glass of your choice, design your bowl in your own style and color. This latest, greatest fused glass bowl workshop is another class that sparks your imagination.

Large 20” Bowl – $120

Medium 16” Bowl – $90

Original 13” Bowl – $70



$65.00 - $110.00 

This innovative fused glass class will get your creative juices running wild! The free formed Fused Fantasy class is one that knows no boundaries. Express yourself with no rules or restrictions.

Create a free formed abstract or realistic 10", 15" or 20" layered fused glass project in the colors and pattern of your choice with re-cycled glass. Class, glass, & fusing included.

10" - $65
15" - $95
20" - $110

Optional black metal stand
10" $18, 15" $21, 20" $25



Create a FABULOUS fused glass sculpture for your home in your own original design. Come to class, choose your glass, divide it in two, and conquer your design by creating a magnificent fused glass project joining the two sides together again.

In this class you will choose your own color for your divided glass (base piece), instruction in cutting the glass, applying art glass to your project by placing the glass in strategic areas, as well as finishing your project.

Beginner and experienced fusers are welcome. Class includes instruction, glass. & firing. Finished large glass sculpture measures 12"wide x 15"/16" high.

Optional 12" Black metal stand  $20


$65.00 - $110.00

This innovative fused glass class will get your creative juices running wild! The Ocean Wave class is a one that knows no boundaries. Express yourself with no rules or restrictions.

Create a free formed layered fused glass project in the form of an ocean wave. Class, glass, & fusing included.

10” Glass Piece - $65
15” Glass Piece - $95
20” Glass Piece - $110

Optional black metal stand
10" $18, 15" $21, 20" $25



This tall, majestic, double layered glass 10" candlestick will be the showpiece of your home. Spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing by using glass, frit, powders, confetti, stringers and noodles to design your glass in your own style.

This class is appropriate for beginner or experienced glass artists.. Class includes instruction, all glass and design elements, 2 firings, and glass candle holder. Your choice horizontal or vertical style as shown..



Your choice of any glass composition with clear glass creating the shape defined by texture. You can also choose to add one accent color adding a personal touch

our choice of project

*Plus Glass - $5/ sq. ft.

*Plus Fusing - 10¢/ sq. in.

*Plus Slumping - 10¢/ sq. in.


STACKED TREE - $190.00

CURVED TREE - Design this LARGE 16" tree by placing layers of glass design elements of your choice to create this textured fused glass, free standing tree.

STACKED TREE - The Stacked Christmas Tree class is four days of instruction, glass, firing and assembly. The tree is over a foot tall and includes a light base of your choice.




Celebrate Chanukah this year with your own hand made double layerd fused glass Menorah. Light up each of the 8 nights with the soft glow of candlelight. OR gift your Menorah for that special person in your life. All glass, firings and candleholders included.