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Originally hailing from the vibrant city of Hollywood, FL, I have deep roots in the Sunshine State, having called Florida my home throughout my life. Raised amidst a lineage rich in artistic heritage, creativity has always been an integral part of my journey.

Driven by a passion for visual storytelling, I embarked on an educational path focused on video production, eager to translate my artistic vision into compelling narratives. Beginning my career in advertising, I honed my skills and cultivated a keen eye for detail, eventually taking the bold step of venturing into entrepreneurship.

My husband and I, drawn by both familial ties and the promise of enhanced real estate opportunities, made the pivotal decision to relocate to Sarasota. It was here that I found myself yearning for a supportive artistic community in which to flourish and connect with kindred spirits.

Enter the Sarasota School of Glass—an oasis of creativity nestled within the city's cultural landscape. Here, amidst the vibrant hues of molten glass and the gentle hum of artistic expression, I found not only a sanctuary to nurture my craft but also a welcoming community of like-minded individuals with whom to share ideas and forge lasting friendships.

In this dynamic environment, I continue to push the boundaries of my creativity, seeking inspiration in every gleaming shard and delicate swirl of glass, as I strive to weave my own unique narrative within the rich tapestry of Sarasota's artistic community.

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