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When registering for a class at Sarasota School of Glass a $30 deposit is required for each student. If the student is a 'no-show' the deposit will not be refunded or used for a future class.

However, if you need to cancel, just give us a heads-up 24 hours in advance, and we'll be more than happy to provide a full refund or help you reschedule.


If the student has purchased a discount coupon from Groupon, they must provide the Redemption Code upon registration. If, for some reason the student cannot attend a class and fail to give us a 24 hour cancellation notice, their code will be redeemed and their coupon cancelled. We cannot refund Groupon coupons. If there is a problem the student must contact Groupon for partial or full refunds. If the student wants to change the project that's offered from Groupon, Classic Vase, Round Wavy Bowl or On The Edge Plate they may do so at no additional charge. If the student wants to change to a non-Groupon project they will pay the full price of the substitute project with a $25 credit deduction.


Sarasota School of Glass (also known as SSG) does not assume any responsibility for any and all injuries that may occur while the student is working independently or with any instructor before, during or after a class while on our premises at 5704 Lawton Drive, Sarasota, Fl. or when attending a class in any of it's off campus locations and that SSG is not responsible for said injuries. 


The student should realize that this is a learning experience and that the finished artwork might be broken, ugly or cracked or it might be the most fabulous artwork ever done. SSG and its instructors are not responsible or liable in any way or form for the quality or condition of the finished piece. What happens to the glass in the kiln is up to the Kiln Gods and is not in our control. If it is SSG's fault that the glass is cracked or broken due to a misfiring, the student will be able to remake the piece or have it reworked or repaired and refired at no charge. All glass must be picked up within 30 days or it will be disposed of, unless previously agreed upon. If the student is dissatisfied with their project's general APPEARANCE because of the color or design they chose,  they can keep it, throw it away, give it to their worst enemy or the glass may be reworked and refired at a minimal charge.

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